Our approach to safety

We have left nothing to chance with the AeroBoard. Every single aspect of the board has been designed to ensure maximum safety at all times. We want every user of the AeroBoard to explore, and to move with freedom, without the worry of harm coming their way. That's why we have been so precise, meticulous and patient in the development of the AeroBoard.

Hoverboards like the AeroBoard are new, so when it comes to testing and certification, there are a lot of grey areas. But we didn't want to sit in those grey areas, so we asked renowned UK test labs such as Intertek to create tests that can fully guarantee the safety of our hoverboard. Where other suppliers have simply done the minimum to make an electrical product that is "safe", we've done every single thing we can to make a hoverboard that re-writes the rules on safety.

How do we compare?

You will be shocked to know that there are still no tests specific to hoverboards to guarantee safety. AeroBoard are the only hoverboard supplier in the UK to have commissioned UK test labs to build specific hoverboard tests that guarantee safety. AeroBoard is the most tested and certified hoverboard in the UK. But don't just take our word for it, this table is based on the information that other hoverboard sellers are willing to share on their websites, it shows every test we've undertaken, and how our competitors compare.

Board Testing
Machinery Directive
Electromagnetic compatibility
EN 62471 LED Safety
REACH Directive (Harmful chemicals)
RoHS Directive (Environmental Safety)
Water and Dust Ingress
Performance Testing
Battery Testing
IEC 62133 Battery Safety
Battery Directive (Harmful Elements)
UN38.3 (Transportation Safety)
LG Certificate of Compliance
ISO 9001 from manufacturer
Charger Testing
CB and LVD (Electrical Safety)
EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility)
RoHS Directive (Environmental Safety)
BS Plug Certificate (Showing conformity to UK regs)
VDE Cable Certificate (Showing conformity to EU regs)
Fuse Certificate (Showing conformity to UK regs)

* Assumption that these tests have been covered as they only state EU or CE compliant. They do not give specific test standards.
** Test certificates shown, but the lab used has not got the relevant accreditation.

For both Swegway and Wizboard, we were unable to find any testing information on their respective hoverboard websites.

Battery design

At the core of the AeroBoard is the battery, which drives you onwards, but is where other hoverboards have been shown to be incredibly unsafe. So we took it back to the drawing board, and as well making sure we had a Battery Safety Declaration, direct from LG, we developed six added safety features.

Each cell is separated by a fire retardant paper. So if one cell fails, the paper will protect the other cells against heat and thermal runaway.

To reduce the risk of short circuiting, we use nickel plated strips instead of wire to join the battery cells.

The conjoined cells are then surrounded with another layer of fire retardant material and then shrink wrapped to prevent any movement.

Fibreglass blocks are then attached to the outside of the battery pack as further protection. The fibreglass is fire retardant and has electrical insulation properties to prevent any electrical contact between the core battery pack and the housing.

The whole pack is then encased inside a solid aluminium housing. It provides mechanical protection against external vibration, shock and impacts. It will also contain any unlikely failure.

Finally, we built in another failsafe. If there is any over-heating, surges or other anomalies, the circuit will be broken thanks to the 4 levels of electrical protection. This prevents further power being delivered when a fault is detected. We have called this, QuadShield.

Stronger board

When it comes to safety, we really mean it when we say that every sinew of our hoverboard has been designed with safety at its core. That's why we have added in an aluminum endoskeleton support for the main chassis of the AeroBoard. This absorbs pressure, shocks and bumps, giving you a smoother ride, and allowing you to explore knowing that your hoverboard can withstand the real world.

Enhanced Calibration

Sometimes, self balancing hoverboards can go out of calibration, which means that one side of the body comes out of alignment with the other. If not properly seen to, this can lead to an uneven, dangerous ride. The AeroBoard does away with this and features a calibration system, allowing you to keep your movements smooth, and most importantly, safe.

Safe Stop System

What happens when the battery runs out while you're still moving? You don't come to a sudden halt, you don't put yourself in danger. With the Safe Stop System, you get a graduated, multi stage warning. So at 15-20% the light on the board will flash. Below 15% it begins to beep, with the light turning red. Then, when you get to 10% battery, the AeroBoard hoverboard begins to slow down. So you can come to a controlled stop, with no nasty surprises.

Lab testing

Working with world renowned test laboratories, Intertek, SGS and many other UK based labs, we have covered every aspect of hoverboard testing, and even had to have tests created in order tomake a product that is as safe as can be. We ran successful safety tests that included Machinery Directive testing, where we look at the safety of the board as a whole, in a real world setting, and how it moves and how it interacts with the user.

We also ran many more tests looking at...

Short circuiting
Impact velocity
Moisture exposure and humidity
Extreme temperature differentials
Switch durability
Static loading
Thermal and protective cut off
Energy hazards
Surge immunity
Voltage dips
SELV limits for normal and abnormal conditions
LED safety

In every instance, and more, the AeroBoard passed. Proving itself to be the safest, most tested, and most certified hoverboard on the market today.


Battery Directive View Certificate
ISO9001 View Certificate
UN38.3 View Certificate
LG Certificate of Compliance View Certificate
EN62133 Report View Certificate
RoHS & REACH Directive View Certificate
EMC Cert View Certificate
EN62471 Report View Certificate
Ingress Cert View Certificate
BS Plug Cert View Certificate
VDE Cable Cert View Certificate
RoHS View Certificate
EMC Cert View Certificate
LVD Cert View Certificate
Fuse Cert View Certificate
CB Report View Certificate