The freedom to move should come with the freedom of worry, so if the worse does happen, we have a highly skilled team who can fix your board.

Once you'e told us what hoverboard repairs you need, we'll send out a box so you can easily send us your AeroBoard. Once we've fixed it, we'll let you know, get it back to you, and you can get back to having fun.

Here is an estimate of the costs of repairs, but in the vast majority of cases, we need to see the AeroBoard first before quoting. If you require a box for return, let us know. Fill out the contact form to let us know what has happened to your AeroBoard and we will be happy to try and fix it.

Please note that repair charges do not include postage costs.

Here's all the services we currently offer.

Full casing replacement £70
Top casing replacement £40
Bottom casing replacement £30
Single wheel change £50
Both wheel change £80
PCB Mainboard A replacement £40
PCB Mainboard B replacement £65
Replace chassis £100
Replace gyroscope £40
Power port replacement £30
LED light replacement £25
Charger port replacement £30
Footpads replacement £25
QuadGuard Battery replacement £85

If you need a repair, then why not drop us a request?