What fire precautions are there?

We took the entire design of hoverboards back to the very core when creating the AeroBoard. That's why we have developed QuadShield, our battery system, and a whole host of AeroBoard safety features.

How old do you have to be to ride an AeroBoard?

As the AeroBoard is classed as a transportation device rather than a toy, riders must be older than 14 years of age.

Is there a weight limit?

The AeroBoard works with a max load of up to 100kg (15.75 stone).

Do I need to wear a helmet?

While there is no law on wearing a helmet, and we are certain that the AeroBoard gives you an intuitive and safe way to move, we also advise wearing safety equipment.

Will the AeroBoard suddenly stop when the battery runs out?

The AeroBoard will warn you about battery levels at many points during your ride. It is recommended to charge the AeroBoard when it reaches 20%. However, if you do happen to still be riding when the battery completely depletes, the AeroBoard has been designed so that it will slowly come to a stop rather than coming to an abrupt stop which could cause you to lose your balance.


Do I need a driving license?

You don't need any license to ride an AeroBoard.

Is it legal in a public place/road? Where can I use it?

In accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1988, all AeroBoards are classed as motor vehicles so cannot be ridden on pavements, but are not licenced either so are not allowed on the roads. Hence, we recommend that they are only used on private property. More advice can be found on the Crown Prosecution Service website here:

>Do I need to be insured?

Because they are not licensed, it is not possible, or required by law, to get standard vehicle insurance. However, it is up to you whether you obtain third party liability insurance.


Do I need to be able to surf or skate?

In a word, no! Many skills from surfing and skating are transferable, but we've designed the AeroBoard so you can learn to use it as quickly as possible.

How do I control movements

Lean forward, move forward, lean back, go backwards, lean left or right, move to left or right. OK, it's all about balance, but thanks to gyroscopic stabilisation, the AeroBoard works with you. The technology in the board analyses the movement in your core, giving a whole new way to move.

It may feel strange to begin, but it's really simple to get the hang of.

What is the maximum speed?

On a full battery, you can explore for approx. 17km (10.56m). This may seem like a wide range, but it all depends on your weight, your speed and where you are travelling.

How long does it take it charge?

To fully charge the battery, it takes between 120 and 180 minutes.

Can I use it in a lightning storm?

It's always safest to stay inside during a thunderstorm, and though an AeroBoard is too low to the ground to have a real impact on you getting hit by lightning, we'd always suggest that it is safest to stay inside.

Can I go through puddles?

When we say movement without boundaries, we mean it, so that's why we have designed the AeroBoard to be able to withstand most puddles, which, let's face it, you'll find! It's still a good idea to keep your board as dry as possible, so if you can swerve, do, but don't worry too much about a little bit of water.

So is it waterproof?

The AeroBoard can put up with a lot, but it isn't 100% waterproof. It shouldn't be submerged, and it is a good idea to keep it as dry as possible. The AeroBoard is rated to IP54 which means it is dust and weather resistant. Always store your AeroBoard in a safe, dry location indoors.

Can two people use it at the same time?

It may seem like a fun idea, and your mates might be jealous of you riding around having fun, but we don't advise that two people ride at once! The gyroscopic stabilisation is designed to work with a single person's core, so with two people, you are going to struggle to use the AeroBoard properly.

Can I perform tricks on the AeroBoard?

The board has been tested to withstand a lot of force, but we do advise that you don't perform tricks or jumps. Not only for the general upkeep of the board, but more so for your own personal safety.


How does it work?

The AeroBoard uses gyroscopic stablisation and an inbuilt computer to analyse your movement, and your stability. It senses your body-weight and moves as you move. There's no steering wheel, no levers, just the freedom to move in a whole new way.

Where is it made?

The development of the AeroBoard began in the UK, with a task force set up in Brecon, Mid Wales. We looked at the aesthetic, the construction and many other aspects, to come up with a rough design. We then worked with international tech hubs, to guarantee our original vision was achieved.

Can I take it on public transport?

We'd advise checking with your transport provider, though for your safety, you might not want to ride it on a moving vehicle.

Can I take it on a plane?

The AeroBoard should not be taken on as hand luggage. You might be able to take it in checked luggage, but this will depend on the airline.