About Us

AeroBoard is the brainchild of BVG Group, a company with a long history of selling products that work, are safe and are fairly priced.

Headed up by two directors, both with years of experience of bringing exciting products to the market, and backed up by a keen and creative team, AeroBoard was created.

Safety is at the heart of AeroBoard, and every single person involved, has been on a mission of putting an end to those hoverboard horror stories of old. No half measures, no corners cut, just a 100% commitment to making the best and safest product possible.

That's why AeroBoard had UK test houses specifically design processes that allowed them to test for safety of many different, all new features. The commitment to perfection is why AeroBoard hoverboards come with QuadShield, a Safe Stop System and a shock absorbing skeletal frame that can put up with a lot of pressure.

From all the team at AeroBoard, we thank you for taking the time to stop by. We hope you like what you see!