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The Aeroboard

The AeroBoard is the only self balancing hoverboard to pass all UK and EU safety tests. With a gyroscopic stabilisation system, you control the board simply by moving your body. It doesn't take long to learn how to use it, and once you've got the hang of it, an AeroBoard self balancing scooter is a great way to explore and have fun in a brand new way.

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Most hoverboard suppliers say their boards are safe, but how do they stack up against AeroBoard?

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There's more to just some basic circuitry in the AeroBoard's safety features. Every single sinew of the AeroBoard hoverboard has been conceptualised, designed and made with safety at its core. Not only does the AeroBoard pass all UK and EU safety tests conducted by world renowned safety authorities, but it also sets the benchmark for future products in the self balancing scooter market. In fact, AeroBoard is the only hoverboard supplier in the UK to commission UK labs to build processes, that can fully test hoverboard safety.

In a UK first, we have developed a multi-layered safety shield for the lithium ion battery, encasing it in fibreglass and an aerograde aluminum shield. There are also over 6 levels of physical protection and 4 layers of electrical safeguarding, to ensure the battery can never overheat or overcharge.

We turned the entire segway hoverboard design process on its head with AeroBoard. Instead of making a self balancing scooter that works, and then making sure it is safe, we have developed every single aspect of it with nothing but a 100% commitment to safety.

Gyroscopic stabilisation

UK and EU safety tested and certified

Quad Shield Technology

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